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Services Provided

Treatment services are provided for parents of children with developmental disabilities and behavior challenges, including families of children with:  

  • ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders, including PDD-NOS & Asperger's Disorder)
  • ADHD
  • ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)
  • typical development whose behavior has become unmanageable  
Evidence based, gold-standard treatment modalities will be used to decrease your child's undesirable behaviors, while increasing pro-social, age appropriate, and independent behaviors.  The issues that are important to you will guide which behaviors are addressed at any given point in time.  

If your child is struggling in school, you may also wish to explore the option of school support.  In-school services may include:
  • meeting with teachers & administrators to explain the child's learning profile and clarify his learning needs
  • working collaboratively with teachers and administrators to create a learning environment that supports the student, his parents, and his teachers
  • classroom observation(s) to identify potential environmental changes & recommendations
  • teacher training & support to ensure that recommendations can be realistically and successfully implemented
  • training and ongoing supervision of a classroom shadow if warranted 
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